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His life story

I doubt Anthony had any idea the autobiography he was writing for work would someday be found by his grieving mother in the backseat of his totaled vehicle.  He probably believed that this excerpt from his life would be used solely for the purpose of gaining a promotion into the field of work for which he longed.  Only God knew that the loving words poured into this writing assignment would bring hope and sadness to the one who birthed him.


You see, Anthony’s mother found this draft of his life buried in the wreckage of his vehicle.  Drops of his blood seeped through the pages as he took his final breath here on Earth.


This autobiography is an authentic story about a small piece of Anthony’s life, in his own handwriting and words. Although this was not the finished product, it provides his truth and a glimpse of the world through Anthony’s eyes.  This autobiography tells so much about the man that Anthony had become and the great love, endearment, respect and gratitude he felt and had for his mother.  I promise, this article will touch your heart in a special way while providing insight into the life of Anthony Thompson.

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