Jessica Miramontes Board Member


My name is Jessica Miramontes, I was a Custody Assistant for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. I attended Northwest college and later became a Dental benefits and financial coordinator for 12 years. 


Shortly after, I pursued a career with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department in becoming a Custody Assistant. I am now a stay home mom with 2 beautiful children.  My first encounter with Anthony was in the Sheriff’s Academy.  Anthony was an extraordinary, funny, and down to earth guy. I never saw Anthony upset or  in a bad mood.  Anthony was such a happy person who I always wanted to be around and was intrigued by his charismatic and positive energy.

The news of Anthony Thompson’s tragic death was a HUGE loss to this world. He was loved by so many including myself.  It was so unfair and I ask why him? This is the very reason why I chose to be a part of Families Against Wrong Way drivers (FAWWD), organization.  We WILL  bring people together, show awareness and guidance to help make better life choices. The choices we make can affect our lives for ever.  I will do my best to bring change and make America safe!