Ottawa Cureton-Dunkentell CEO


My name is Ottawa Cureton-Dunkentell.  The greatest blessing that the Father has bestowed upon me was the birth of my son, Anthony. I thank him for giving me the opportunity  to raise such an inspiring, incredible and amazing young man for  a lifespan of 24 years.  This is why following his death, I founded the "Officer Anthony Thompson Scholarship Foundation" (OATSF); a non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated toward preventing further loss of tragic accidents caused by wrong-way drivers.


I am a realtor. I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies and will be pursuing my Masters in Psychology in the near future. 


I am  married to an incredible husband and father, Bernard Dunkentell. I  had numerous opportunities to mentor and work with at risk youth and persons struggling / suffering with mental disabilities.  While at work, often I am called the "The Whisperer."  Reason being, I am able to calm highly violent individuals down in minutes without a fight. 

In the future, I will facilitate an Adult Residential Facility  which houses adults who have Down Syndrome and are mentally challenged through the ages of 18-59 years.  The passion and love that I have for my community, not only speaks volume but helps me bring awareness for the safety of others.

As a proud member of the Sheriff's Department, Anthony had a deep passion for helping others on and off the job. Now, his passion can live through the efforts of OATSF and your decision to be a part of this journey in honor of him.