Yolanda Gandy



Hi, my name is Yolanda Gandy, Treasurer for the Anthony Thompson Foundation. It is with great sadness and unequivocal  optimism I am able to serve a cause that can and will help preserve the life of many of our loved ones. Officer Anthony Thompson a nephew to me was killed in a tragic car accident due to wrong-way drunk driver.  The cause of Anthony’s death activated a passion in me to explore ways in which future accidents like his could be avoided. The team at the Anthony Thompson Foundation and I have  chosen to advocate, raise awareness and rally support in favor of a freeway/highway alert system (Officer Thompson FFWD alert) that informs drivers of wrong-way oncoming traffic in conjunction with an alert for the driver heading toward oncoming traffic and Spikes located at freeway exits. 


I feel charged with the opportunity to raise awareness and take action steps towards a solution. My background revolves around the Medical Healthcare Administrative system for over 30 years. I have experience managing and facilitating change scaling from moderate groups to large organizations. The opportunity to blend my career with this great cause is one, I am in support of. I look forward to getting the job done!