Jeremy Sepulveda

Board member


Hello, my name is Jeremy Sepulveda. I am currently a Deputy sheriff, employed by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department since 2012.  I had the good fortune to have met Anthony Thompson during our Sheriff’s Academy training, and continued to build amazing memories during our day to day employment.    


Anthony wasn’t just a co-worker, partner or a friend. He was my brother.  We built such a strong bond that we could count on each other for any adverse moment life would bring.  While Anthony’s life came to a sad and abrupt end his memory continues to shine to all those who love him.  


I am intrigued to be a part of such a strong organization, and look forward to applying my day to day learnings and educate others while on the job who can benefit from an early warning advise when it comes to Wrong Way Driving.  I look forward to being an impactful Board Member of “Families Against Wrong-Way Drivers”, by contributing my time and loyal effort to provide pre-education to everyone.  I am a devoted father, husband and two beautiful daughters. Family is important! I will fight to change laws and keep everyone safe.