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Our Mission


Families Against Wrong Way Drivers (FAWWD) organization raise awareness to reduce the total number of deaths and/or injuries due to drivers entering the freeway via exit ramps.  FAWWD  will continue to raise awareness for low profile  " TRAFFIC SPIKES' to be installed on  freeway  exit/off ramps enabling drivers to enter the freeway the wrong way.  FAWWD will support families who are even now, experiencing limited resources related to deaths by wrong way drivers. We provide educational modalities to inform High School students about the multiple consequences of imbibing alcohol and driving vehicles.  FAWWD award academic and career related scholarships to the families of those who died by wrong way drunk  drivers.   

Unfortunately, Anthony life was taken in a senseless way but we can FIGHT Together and save the lives of others.

*Actual footage of Anthony's vehicle shown in the header and footer images. 


The Officer Anthony Thompson Scholarship Foundation (OATSF), was founded in 2017 following the tragic transition of Anthony Thompson after being killed by a drunk, Wrong-Way Drunk Driver.


We are a non-profit organization under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. OATSF is comprised of professional leaders, entrepreneurs, and educators who bring a vast array of goals ready to empower today’s youth to become the next wave of tomorrow’s visionary leaders. 


Through mentorship, organizational funding and scholarship opportunities, our endeavors are to support and provide scholarships to other charitable organizations and 12-grade students in Southern California high schools, educate families about the dangers of drinking and driving, assist families who have lost a child due to Wrong Way Drunk Drivers and, food drives throughout the holidays by feeding families in need.

Car Accident _ FAWWD
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